Hickory Smoked Summer Sausage


Wisconsin summer sausage doesn’t get any better than when it’s made by Nolechek’s! Each variety of our hickory smoked summer sausage is handcrafted in house made using the same sausage-making tradition and our family recipe that have spanned four generations. Beginning with the highest quality pork and beef cuts and smoked using 100% natural hickory wood, our summer sausage is one of our most popular products. And you can rest assured Nolechek’s summer sausage is naturally gluten-free and no MSG added.

All summer sausage chubs average 1 lb. each.

Beef Varieties

Garlic The mild garlic flavor and perfect blend of spices pair with the beef to create what has become the go-to for Nolechek’s fans.
Garlic & Mustard Seed - If you look closely, you'll see we add the perfect amount of mustard seed to our all beef garlic summer sausage. The mustard seed doesn't change the flavor profile, it simply adds a unique textural component.
Garlic & Dried CranberriesThis summer sausage is our best-selling specialty variety. And when you savor the combination of our all beef garlic summer sausage paired with the perfect amount of Wisconsin grown cranberries, you'll know why.
Garlic & Dried BlueberriesSweet blueberries complement the savory flavor of the beef summer sausage with garlic to create a unique, bright flavor.
Garlic & Jalapeno Peppers - The rich flavor of the beef, along with the blend of seasoning, come together perfectly with the mild heat of the jalapeno peppers.
Hungarian Style Summer Sausage with Garlic & Sweet Paprika - Authentic Sweet Hungarian Paprika is a seasoning that delivers a sweet pepper flavor without being spicy. Nolechek's took this traditional European ingredient, added a touch of cayenne pepper to create a deep flavor profile that complements Nolechek's all beef garlic summer sausage.

Beef & Pork Varieties

Plain Summer Sausage - Don't let the name deceive you. This Wisconsin summer sausage is full of rich, quality cuts of beef and pork; along with the perfect blend of seasoning, including black pepper. Just the right amount of flavor to keep you coming back for more.
Garlic with Cheese - A slice of summer sausage with cheese right in it is about as Wisconsin as you can get! Creamy cheddar cheese adds just the right amount of flavor to our beef and pork garlic summer sausage.
Garlic with Dried Cranberries & Cheese - We take our best-selling specialty variety and add creamy cheddar cheese to create a sweet and savory treat.
Garlic with Dried Blueberries & Cheese - This variety always flies off the shelves during the Holiday season. So much that we decided to offer it year-round! The unique flavor of the blueberry pairs with the creamy cheddar cheese to create a savory specialty summer sausage.
Garlic with Jalapeno Peppers & Cheese - If the traditional jalapeno summer sausage is a bit too hot for you, this specialty summer sausage may be just your pick. The creamy cheddar cheese blends perfectly with the jalapeno peppers to create the perfect bite.


Venison & Pork with Garlic - Nolechek's crafts thousands of pounds of venison sausage for hunters each year. We're so good at our wild game-game, we decided to share it with our non-hunting customers. We start with farm raised, inspected venison, add fresh cuts of lean pork, mix in our garlic summer sausage seasoning and add add a hint of coriander. This delicious, unique Wisconsin summer sausage is sure to impress!

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