Specialty Old World Products


We honor our Bohemian heritage by crafting these old fashioned specialty products, that are often difficult to find, but still sought after. These are some of our most unique, popular specialty items that we ship across the United States to customers who appreciate tradition.

18 oz. average | Fully Cooked

KishkaThere are countless ways to craft Kishka. In Nolechek's tradition, we blend pork and pork snouts with buckwheat and barley and a touch of beef blood. This adds a deep, rich color to Kishka and doesn't affect the flavor. We season our kishka with the perfect blend of black pepper, sage, marjoram and a hint of coriander. We enjoy kishka pan fried and drizzled with maple syrup as a hash. Nolechek's Kishka is a true, traditional old-world specialty ring product. Check out our blog post to learn more about this unique product!
Swedish-Style Potato SausageThis specialty ring product begins with quality cuts of beef and pork. We add Wisconsin grown potatoes and our special blend of seasonings, including granulated onion and hints of marjoram, nutmeg, and allspice. A traditional sausage from Sweden, potato sausage can be baked, pan fried, simmered or warmed in the microwave. It pairs with a variety of soups, hearty dishes, or enjoy cold sliced on crackers.
JaterniceA Bohemian-style sausage, we craft Jaternice with the highest quality barley, pork cuts, and pork skins and snouts. Seasoned with hints of marjoram, sage, onion and garlic, Jaternice is a simple and comforting specialty sausage. This unique, traditional Czech sausage is perfect as a hash with an egg on top and drizzle of maple syrup, enjoyed for breakfast.
Coarse Ground Ring Bologna - Our own family recipe that adds the perfect amount of seasoning to lean cuts of beef and pork.