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Local Snack Sticks, Quality Old World Meat Products from Nolechek's Meats in Thorp, WI

Snack Sticks

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Beef Snack Sticks  - 5 oz. package

Beef & Cheddar Snack Sticks - 5 oz. package

Beef and Cheddar Snack Sticks with Dried Cranberries - 5 oz. package

Beef & Cheddar Sticks with Jalapeno Peppers5 oz. package 

Snappy Beef Snack Sticks - With Cayenne Pepper to zip them up! - 5 oz. package

Habanero Beef Snack Sticks - 5 oz package

Bloody Mary Snack Sticks -Beef Sticks with Tomato, Celery, and Pepper - 5 oz package

Barbecue Snack Sticks  - 5 oz. package

Maple Syrup Flavored Beef Snack Sticks - Made with real maple syrup! - 5 oz. package

Honey Ham Snack Sticks5 oz. package

Honey Ham & Cheese Snack Sticks  - with Swiss and Cheddar Cheese - 5 oz package

Italian Salami with Wine Beef Snack Sticks - 5 oz package

Beef Brisket Strips - Cured and Smoked Brisket rubbed with a savory blend of spices - 7 oz avg

Beef StripsSmoked Snack Strips, Chopped Formed - 6 oz average

LandjaegerSwiss style snack sausage, great for camping trips! Try this cross between a snack stick and jerky - 6 oz average

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