Special Reserve Salami


Nolechek's Special Reserve Salami begins with quality, lean cuts of pork and the perfect amount of seasoning and spices. After we ferment the salami to create a unique, tangy flavor, we age each batch for approximately 30 days to achieve the perfect texture.

Each variety averages 11 oz.

Original Salami Crafted with rich, lean pork and plenty of garlic and black pepper, this salami is meant to be savored. Nolechek's Original Salami is best paired with an aged cheese and your favorite glass of wine, beer or bourbon. 
Italian Salami with Wine - This special reserve salami is the perfect balance of rich, lean pork, burgundy wine, garlic, along with white and red pepper. Nolechek's earned a gold medal from the German Butchers' Association for this masterpiece. It is a delicious addition to a charcuterie board to be savored with olives, crackers or your favorite cheese. We also recommend it on your favorite pizza!