LaGrander's Premium Wisconsin Cheese


LaGrander's Hillside Dairy is family owned and operated, producing the best Colby and cheddar cheeses in the United States. Made locally in Stanley, WI, this fourth generation business has been winning awards since 1960, when Randy received his cheesemaker's license at the age of 15. Today, Randy's two sons, Ryan and Joe, carry on the tradition of licensed cheesemakers.

Mild Colby (1 lb. average)
Colby Jack - A blend of Colby and Monterey Jack gives this cheese it's unique calico appearance (1 lb. average)
Mild Cheddar (1 lb. average)
Sharp Cheddar (12 oz. average)
7-Year Cheddar - This premium 7-Year Cheddar will impress any connoisseur of well-aged cheese (16 oz. average)
Cheese Curds - A Wisconsin cheese tradition! LaGrander's cheese curds are a delicious treat and are featured in Culver's deep fried cheese curds! (1 lb. bag)