Traditional Bratwurst


What makes Nolechek's bratwurst different? We like to think they are a step above because we add lean, quality cuts of beef to the perfect balance of pork. The addition of beef creates the perfect texture and richness that is hard to find and is exactly why fans cannot get enough of these traditional Wisconsin bratwurst! Naturally gluten and MSG free.

Traditional Fresh BratwurstThe Wisconsin Tradition and the bratwurst that started it all. Developed by Nolechek's founder, Bill, Sr., this recipe has remained the same for over 65 years and has been recognized with multiple state and national awards. (5 per package, 20 oz. average)
Precooked Traditional Bratwurst - We start with our traditional bratwurst seasoning and add a touch of white pepper to create a bratwurst that is fool-proof to prepare and a sure hit with any crowd. Simply brown them on the grill or in a pan and you're set. (5 per package, 20 oz. average)

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