Old World Sampler Pack


Enjoy a taste of the old world! This sampler contains the products older generations know all about, that are often difficult to find. Nolechek's takes pride in continuing the long-standing tradition of crafting these products from recipes developed over 65 years ago, made in the same time-honored traditions.

 Kishka - A traditional blood sausage made with pork, pork skins, buckwheat, barley, and beef blood.
Jaternice - A Bohemian-style sausage made with pork, barley, pork skins, and pork snouts. Half the fun is trying to pronounce it!
Original Salami - Coarse ground pork, paired with garlic and cracked black pepper. This salami is aged for over a month to develop a texture and flavor that is sure to leave you wanting more.
Coarse Ground Garlic Polish Sausage - Mild garlic flavor, paired with the coarse grind, create a polish sausage that is bursting with flavor!
Coarse Ground Ring Bologna - Our own family ring bologna recipe that adds the perfect amount of seasoning to lean cuts of beef and pork. Not pictured.