Hickory Smoked Natural Uncured Bacon


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Nolechek’s Hickory Smoked Natural Uncured Bacon is a TRUE NO NITRITE bacon that uses an alternative approach to preservation by replacing the nitrite and phosphate with fruit and spice extracts and yeast. Unlike the 'natural uncured' products you see in the store, this bacon contains no nitrite whatsoever, including those naturally occurring in celery salt/powder.

The ‘natural’ forms of nitrite are chemically no different than purified nitrite found in traditionally cured product and our bodies can’t tell the difference. This is an opportunity for Nolechek's to create an honest and transparent product that closely matches the quality, flavor, texture, and appearance of our traditionally cured bacon, without using ingredients that contain ‘natural’ forms of nitrite from celery salt/powder, sea salt, etc. 

We’re excited to share this product with customers who appreciate our Traditional Hickory Smoked Honey Cured Bacon or those that may be searching for a gourmet true no nitrite bacon. In no way will this ever replace our most popular and well-known product, it is simply an alternative option for those with varying personal preferences.