Your Top 10 Bacons According to Nolechek's

Your Top 10 Bacons According to Nolechek's

Nobody does bacon better than Nolechek’s–it’s basically our life mantra! We provide our customers with a diverse selection of mouthwatering, premium, and award-winning bacons, including everything from specialty delights to traditional bites! But which bacon is right for you? Thankfully, we’ve cleared up that question with this guide about different kinds of bacon!

1. Pancetta

Pancetta... sounds Italian? You’re exactly right! Pancetta is an Italian bacon that comes from the pork belly and cured with salt and a special blend of spices, including nutmeg, pepper and fennel. Pancetta is unsmoked and a great addition to pasta dishes. 

2. American Bacon

Nothing screams patriotism and good taste like American bacon! American bacon is cured in the same fashion as British bacon (after all, the curing process is what makes bacon bacon), but you’ll find that it is smoked for added flavor. American bacon is streaky with fat because it comes from the pork belly. We’ve got an ample supply of this treat at Nolchek’s–check out this link to get yours!

3. Beef Bacon

Beef bacon is the brisket that is cured and smoked. The rich flavor of the beef lends to a leaner option versus pork bacon. Up to 90% leaner! Nolechek’s beef bacon is cured using the same recipe as our traditional pork bacon.  Our beef bacon is something to be savored and can be found here!

4. Specialty Bacon

Rubs are a fantastic way to enhance the already delicious flavor of bacon! We rub our bellies after the curing process, let them sit to infuse the amazing flavors and then smoke the bacon to impart a unique flavor. At Nolechek’s we love to elevate our bacon to the next level–that’s why we’ve got this base covered. Try our Apple Cinnamon, Raspberry Chipotle or Peppered bacons now by clicking here!

5. Cottage Bacon

Cottage bacon is made from boned pork shoulder that is cured, pressed into a round roll, then smoked to perfection. Because it comes from the shoulder, cottage bacon almost tastes and looks like ham. At Nolechek’s we call it butt bacon, but along with cottage, it can also be called shoulder bacon. Click here to order your Nolechek’s butt bacon today!

6. Gammon

Gammon is bacon that comes from the hind leg of the pig. For an extra flavor punch, gammon can also be smoked after being cured. It is reminiscent of ham, but must be cooked prior to eating. Gammon and is widely consumed in Britain.  Cheers!

7. Back Bacon

Yes, you’re exactly right–back bacon... comes from the back of the pig! It’s also commonly known as Canadian or Irish bacon. Betcha didn’t know that! To many Americans it looks like ham and is nice and lean. At Nolechek’s we call it rasher bacon because rasher means ‘slice of bacon.’ Easy to remember! And even easier is ordering, click here to learn more!

8. Pork Cheek Bacon

This kind of bacon comes from the cheek of the big, or the jowl. In Italy, this is known as guanciale, and is a delicious addition to spaghetti dishes! In America, we simply call this bacon “American jowl.”

9. Lardons

If you thought lardon was a cute word…you’re spot on, because lardon is indeed a cute little cube of fatty bacon or pork, sizzled to lip-smacking perfection. They’re used in a variety of cuisines from pastas to salads and impart a delicious, savory flavor. (I could eat a whole bowl of them!)

10. Nolechek’s Hickory Smoked Honey Cured Bacon

Nolechek’s Traditional Hickory Smoked Honey Cured Bacon is in a league of its own. Our founder, Bill, Sr., purchased the recipe the early 70s and added a touch of honey. The rest is history! Our cure recipe and process has remained the same over the years. Hickory smoked bacon is justwhat it sounds like–bacon smoked over hickory chips and at Nolechek’s we use 100% all natural hickory chips. We start with the highest quality pork belly to ensure consistency and leanness. Nolechek’s bacon is the perfect balance of hickory smoke, salt, sweetness of the honey that combines with the richness of the pork. We dare you to find a more robust, deep flavored bacon. Get your hickory bacon fix today by clicking here!

And that concludes our guide to different kinds of bacon! At Nolechek’s we live by the saying: We spell ‘love’ B-A-C-O-N. Moreover, we want you to experience our amazing quality hickory smoked honey cured bacons today by ordering now at: Happy frying!

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