Wrap It In Bacon: Our Favorite Foods for Bacon-Wrapping

Wrap It In Bacon: Our Favorite Foods for Bacon-Wrapping

We really don’t need to talk about why people wrap foods in bacon, since it seems obvious that bacon is a simple way to turn a “meh” food item into something unforgettable. The practice isn’t anything new. People have been wrapping foods since time immemorial. From banana leaves to corn husks, Mother Nature provides a variety of natural cooking vessels. That includes cabbage and grape leaves, which make edible containers for their fillings.

Bacon is clearly no grape leaf, however. The smoke, the succulent fat, the salty meat, the faint sweetness…what’s not to like?! Plus, a great many of the items we most love to bacon-wrap are low-carb, keto, or darn near. Let’s go over some of our favorite foods to wrap with our very own Nolechek’s Hickory Smoked Bacon:

1. Scallops

So buttery-soft and sweet that a crisp, salty bacon strip provides another layer of particularly pleasing texture and flavor for these lush little bites. Scallops are the Queen of Bacon-Wrapped Foods.

2. Jalapeños

 Unless you’re strictly anti-heat, these should rule your grilling season. We like cream cheese as the filling, but any cheese or cheese blend you like will do the trick when nested inside spicy little peppers and wrapped in bacon. 

3. Pineapple

What, you’ve never had grilled bacon-wrapped pineapple?! Just put a fresh pineapple on your grocery list and order up some Nolechek’s Bacon. You need to try this sweet-and-salty grilled appetizer before summer passes by (spoken like a true Midwesterner, right?! Winter is coming…); bacon-wrapped pineapple makes the perfect grilling season bite.

4. Shrimp 

Shrimp is a top-of-the-list amazing food even without adding bacon. But let us tell you: If you’ve never done this, we suggest skewering some big, juicy shrimp wrapped in hickory smoked bacon and getting them onto your grill posthaste. This is also about as low-carb as it gets.

6. Chicken Breast

As long as we’re talking about eating healthier and covering our low-carb bases, this is a really simple way to keep your chicken breasts juicy and succulent during grilling, baking, or broiling. Plus this entrée is one you’ll want to eat every week. It’s easy to make, turns plain chicken into something you won’t get tired of eating, and has virtually ZERO carbs.

7. Water Chestnuts

Here’s a classic that your grandma might have made: perfectly crisp bites of water chestnut wrapped in bacon. This is a tradition for “fancier” potluck parties in the Midwest and we can’t possibly leave them off any kind of a worthwhile bacon-wrapped foods list.

8. Asparagus

Bacon-wrap those veggies, too! Asparagus lends itself particularly well to being clad in bacon, whether you’re wrapping each spear of asparagus or making bacon-wrapped bundles of several spears at a time. We love asparagus…almost as much as we love bacon.

9. Meat Balls

Think of them as tiny little bacon-wrapped meat loaves. Honestly, this is some serious comfort food and the thought of these tender little nuggets of home cooking wrapped in bacon and placed on a sheet pan makes us salivate. This is the ultimate comfort food, right here.

10. Filet Mignon

Ok, so today’s world of keto has lead us a bit away from leaner steak cuts like filet in favor of fattier options, but if you still love a good filet (we do!) – wrap that lovely little steak in bacon before you show it the grill or broiler. We’ve already named Scallops as The Queen of this list, but Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon remains The King. 

We’d love to learn how you use bacon to wrap or flavor your dishes; so please share your ideas with us! And don’t forget to stop in the quaint and historic town of Thorp, Wisconsin, if you’re visiting our fair state! We also ship our ridiculously good hickory smoked bacon all over the United States. Give your friends and family the ultimate gift of love - bacon! While you’re at it, be sure to treat yourself to some of Wisconsin’s Finest!


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