What is Nolechek's True No Nitrite Bacon?

What is Nolechek's True No Nitrite Bacon?

Have you heard? Nolechek’s recently debuted their inaugural batch of Hickory Smoked Natural Uncured Bacon!

This is a TRUE NO NITRITE product that uses a Mediterranean blend of fruit and spice extracts to create a product that we are proud to stand behind.

What is different?
This product is an alternative to traditionally cured or 'naturally uncured' products that truthfully contains no nitrites.

Products that are ‘naturally uncured’ can still contain nitrites found in ingredients like celery juice or sea salt. The nitrite in these ingredients are chemically no different than nitrites found in the purified version used in traditionally cured products. Your body doesn’t recognize the difference between the two and neither is better or worse for you.

Due to USDA regulations, products that do not contain purified nitrite used in traditionally cured meat products must be labelled as ‘uncured’ even if they contain nitrites that are present in celery juice or sea salt. This is why there is a disclaimer on labels that contain these ingredients which reads ‘No nitrate or nitrite added except those naturally occurring in…’ It is also important to note that the USDA does not allow nitrates in bacon EVER and if the curing process uses water in a brine solution, the bacon MUST return to green weight after the cooking cycle. (9 CFR 319.107) This means that if a pork belly weighs 10# before it is cured, it must weigh 10# after it is cooked. Bacon can never be water added.

Which option is better?
In today’s world it’s all about personal preference and Nolechek’s is rising to the demands of our customers with a product we truly stand behind and believe in.

This opportunity has allowed Nolechek’s to create an honest and transparent product that matches the quality and safety of our original family recipe. We value honesty and integrity and believe our customers deserve honest, transparent information about our process and the ingredients we use. This product truthfully contains no nitrites, unlike many other products on the market that contain celery juice or sea salt, which chemically is no different.

This new product simply offers an alternative form of preservation, with the same level of food safety as traditionally cured products.

Can we still buy Nolechek’s traditional bacon?
We will NEVER do away with what has become our most beloved and well-known product. We promise!

We look forward to developing this product and offering it as an alternative that complements our Traditional Hickory Smoked Honey Cured Bacon.

What’s next?

We’re looking forward to debuting this product in San Francisco, at the Fancy Food Show, next week! And sometime in February we have plans to cook the first batch of True No Nitrite bacon pieces for Marieke Gouda’s Bacon Gouda. Nolechek’s is excited to move forward with other true no nitrite products, based on our original family recipes, later in the year, as the demand grows. Stay tuned for the exciting changes and additions 2020 will bring!

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