Top 9 Beer & Meat Pairings by Nolechek's

At Nolechek’s, we don’t just provide our clients with the best quality meats–we also offer the best beer and meat combos around! This blog will guide you through the best beer and meat pairings by Nolecheks, and we promise that if you take the tips in this post, your next cookout will be a knockout! (we’re so good at rhyming too).

1. Stout

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Stout beer is characterized by its dark color, which holds bitter notes mixed with subtle hints of coffee and chocolate. This bold flavoring pairs perfectly with rich and savory meats, such as ribeye or bacon wrapped fillet mignon. If you're serving up some Founders Breakfast Stout, New Glarus Road Slush, or Tyranena Down n’ Dirty, you’ll throw it out of the ballpark if you wrap Nolechek’s specialty bacon around some mean cuts of meat. Order your slices now at:

2. Bock

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Bock is a rich, sweet lager with warm and toasty undertones, capped with a slight bitterness. Just like Stout, nothing beats Bock and meat with strong flavors, like bacon, bratwurst, and certain cheeses. Serve up some of our specialty bacon or bratwursts at your next occasion alongside Bull Falls Bock, Rogue Dead Guy Ale, Shiner Bock, and we promise smiles all around!

3. Pilsner

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Fans of Pilsner, you already know that this beer is bitter and light bodied in nature, carrying a hoppy taste that makes it refreshing, and perfect for lighter meats! We strongly recommend Nolechek’s mouthwatering chicken bratwurst alongside a tall glass of Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils, or Sierra Nevada Nooner. Order your gobsmacking chicken bratwurst today by clicking here:

4. Kolsch

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There’s nothing that goes better with bratwursts or wieners then a nice smooth, malty beer. This kind of ale has the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness, making it a perfect match for a wide range of sausages. Thankfully, Nolechek’s provides a whole array of specialty sausages, so you’ve got plenty to choose from! Order yours now at, and be sure to wash that delicious stuff down with some Ballast Point California Kolsch, Fulton Lonely Blonde, or MKE Outboard!

5. Wheat/Hefeweizen

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This light, unfiltered beer is so smooth that you can barely taste any bitterness, making it perfect for spicy meats, such as Jalapeno Summer Sausage or Habanero Beef Sticks. If you’re serving up some meat with a flare at your next occasion, we strongly recommend Bells Oberon, Sierra Nevada Kellerweis, or Ale Asylum Unshadowed. Order your spicy bites today at

6. Amber Ale

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The unique reddish color of Amber Ale is mild in flavor, holding both caramel and hoppy notes, which makes it perfect for smokey meats, such as bacon, brisket strips, and snack sticks. Once you order your mouth-watering fix of Nolecheks bacon or beef snacks, trust us, and be sure to grab a hold of some Alaskan Amber, New Belgium Fat Tire, or MKE Louise Demise!

7. Lager

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Ahh, Lager, so light, so crisp, so refreshing, it really goes with anything! Bratwurst, or bacon, or charcuterie, whatever you please, Nolechek’s got your perfect lager and meat pairing. We highly recommend enjoying a pint of Pabst Blue Ribbon, Samuel Adam’s Boston Lager, or Leinenkugel’s Original with your premium meat!

8. IPA

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What goes better with sweet, citrusy, hop forward IPA beer than sweet and smoked meats? Get your next batch of Nolecheks Honey Ham Snack Sticks, Summer Sausage with Dried Cranberries, or Summer Sausage with Dried Cranberries & Cheese today at and be sure to drive on down to the liquor store to enjoy your meat with Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, Founders Centennial, or Lagunitas IPA.

9. Porter

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Last but not least, Porter fans, this one’s for you! Enjoy the hearty song of this beer, which comes with a strong nutty and toffee flavor, and is perfect for drinking alongside anything smoked or roasted, such as bacon, steak, or bratwursts! Right after you stock up on our meats, be sure to get your fix of O’so Night Rain, Deschutes Black Butte Porter, or Central Waters Mudpuppy Porter.

Congratulations! Now you’re an expert on meat and beer pairings. We hope that Nolechek’s guide to the best beer and meat pairings will make every single one of your next cookouts memorable! Cheers, and happy grilling :)