Top 7 Meat Picks By THE Kelly Nolechek!

Top 7 Meat Picks By THE Kelly Nolechek!


In this blog post, you'll hear all about our very own Kelly Nolechek's favorite meats! Kelly is the owner and operator at Nolechek's meats, and he has worked in the meat industry since the wee age of 10, chopping sausages all the way through high school. Kelly is the backbone behind everything–our smokehouse, purchases, scheduling, and day-to-day operations! 

Kelly's Picks

It’s hard to pick favorite products…it’s like picking a favorite child. You’re not supposed to…ha! But, if I have to, here are my favorite Nolechek’s products, in no particular order. Except for the bacon. Bacon is always #1.

1. Bacon

Our Hickory Smoked Honey Cured Bacon is the perfect combination of smoke, sweet, and salt. My dad bought the bacon recipe in the mid-70s at an auction and added the touch of honey. He believed in our bacon just as much as we do today. I really believe that we have the world’s best bacon and I challenge anyone to find one that is better.  We didn’t invent bacon, we just perfected it. Order now at:

2. Beef Brisket Strips

You open the package and you can’t just eat one, at least I can’t. A cross between jerky and snack sticks, we take lean beef brisket and dry cure them in Nolechek’s special blend of seasonings, including brown sugar, black pepper, garlic and onion. We then let them sit for a week under vacuum, ensuring the flavors are infused in the brisket. After the smoking and cooking process we hand slice them into savory strips. Order now at: 

3. Traditional Fresh Bratwurst

We use lean beef, along with pork to create a full bite flavor. So many bratwursts today are all pork. The combination of the beef and pork, along with our family recipe creates a bratwurst that you’ll never forget. Order now at: 

4. Fresh Polish Sausage

The richness of the beef and pork combine with the same seasoning recipe we’ve used for over 50 years. This is an unsmoked product, so the flavor really comes through and it has the perfect amount of garlic. Order now at: 

5. Kishka

There are so many different ways to make Kishka, which is an old fashioned blood sausage. We use buckwheat and barley, along with pork and beef blood. My favorite way to enjoy Kishka is to fry until it’s crispy and the barley cracks. Order now at: 

6. Mustard Seed Polish Sausage

Our garlic polish sausage is one of our most popular products and we also offer an option with mustard seed. Our polish sausage bursts in your mouth and the mustard seed adds a textural element.  We were awarded an International Gold Medal for polish sausage this year and the German Butcher’s Association commented that it was a ‘top product’. Given their judging standards, that means a lot to us. Order now at: 

7. Coarse Ground Natural Casing Wieners

My favorite way to enjoy these are to cook over an open fire and add a little stone ground mustard. These have a different seasoning profile than the find ground version. The nutmeg, garlic, and onion flavor complement the coarse grind and hickory smoke perfectly.  Order now at: 


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