Top 6 Sausages by Nolechek's

Top 6 Sausages by Nolechek's

Nolechek's has the best sausage selection around. Our sausages are handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality and then hickory smoked to perfection…but which sausage should you buy? This blog will guide you through it! And when you’ve made your picks, enter SAUSAGE at checkout and save 15%!

1. Summer Sausage

Summer’s here which means it’s time to get your fix of Nolechek’s Summer Sausage!  We’ve got 10 varieties to choose from, including plain, garlic, cheese, jalapeno, and venison – and it’s all for you to purchase right now at this link!

2. Polish Sausage

Are you a fan of Polish sausage? Well we’ve got you covered with Nolechek’s Polish sausage that you can order right now at: Our recommendation? Try our Hickory Smoked Garlic Polish Sausage, which is one of our most popular products! It earned a Gold Medal from the German Butcher’s Association this year!

3. Breakfast Sausage

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we want to make it the tastiest with our premium breakfast sausages. Made with quality beef, pork, and our secret family recipe, your day is sure to start off on the right foot. Get yours now at:

4. Italian Sausage

We may be Bohemian, but we make great Italian sausage. This recipe has been in our family for three generations! What could be better than biting into a full-flavored, traditional Italian sausage, crisp off the grill, and sharing it with family? Order your Italian sausage now here:

5. Special Reserve Salami

Whether you love to snack, or you’re planning to host some guests, our Special Reserve Salami is the perfect treat to satisfy all cravings. Just whip out some cheese and crackers, and it’s definitely a party! Step up your charcuterie game and get your fix at this link:

6. Liver Sausage

Do you love Liver Sausage? Then Nolechek’s has just what you are looking for. And here’s a pro tip – once you’ve purchased our liver sausage at slice it or mash it into a pate, which is absolutely delicious on crackers!

At Nolechek's, we provide our customers with the best quality meats around, and frankly (yes we are comedians) our sausages are no exception! We hope that you enjoy our selection, and happy grilling!

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