Top 5 Gourmet Hot Dog Buns by Nolechek's

We've all eaten a hot dog on plain Italian, but have you ever tried biting into one of our savory links cushioned between something more fancy, gourmet, and uber tasty? Today, we're bringing  our top 5 gourmet hot dog bun alternatives, and we're sure you'll love them all!

  1. Pretzel Bun

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Combine your two favorite foods in one–hot dogs and hot pretzels–for the most ultimate gourmet hot dog combo. It's even more delicious served with the right mustard and cheese dip! Bon appetite. 

  1. Asiago Cheese Infused Bun

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If you love cheese with your hot dogs, then this asiago hot dog bun infusion is something that you should try. It's as easy as popping in some Italian buns into your oven, and melting some shredded cheese on top. Simple but very delicious!

  1. Toasted Rye Bread Bun

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Rye bread lovers, rejoice! For now you have an ultimate excuse to eat rye bread with our amazing Nolechek's sausages. This is definitely one of the more unique alternatives on this list, but we'll sure you'll love it if you give it a try. 

  1. Croissant Bun

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Make yourself a mouthwatering sausage breakfast sandwich every morning by combining a flaky, savory croissant with our breakfast links! 
  1. Baguette Bun

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And last but not least, it doesn't get more gourmet than adding a French element to the recipe! Voila, we have here sausages that are sandwiched between two pieces of to-die-for baguette––the perfect bread to bring out the savory flavor of the meat. 

We hope that you've enjoyed today's post on gourmet hot dog buns! Try one, try them all, and let us know what you think on social media! Happy grillin'