Top 10 Bacon Pie Recipes by Nolechek's

Do you love bacon as much as I do? Add bacon to the equation and you'll take your tastebuds to a whole new level! If you haven't guessed already, today's blog post is all about Nolechek's top 10 bacon pie recipes. So fire up your oven–we're about to get cookin' in here. 

1. Maple Bacon Breakfast Pie

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Wake up in the morning feeling hungry? Then you can't go wrong with a hearty maple bacon breakfast pie! Order your Nolechek's bacon at and get cookin' 

2. Bacon-Cheese Quiche

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Quiches are round, so we'll include them as a pie in this post! That being said, if you prefer quiche over pie, then this bacon and cheese recipe is just what you need. Order your bacon now at 

3. Bacon Apple Pie

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Apple pie is amazing in itself, but toss Nolechek's bacon into the mix, and you'll be blown away! Order your bacon now at and make some stunning bacon lattice to top your pie with. 

4. Mini Bacon and Egg Pies

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Traditional pie slices can be a tad on the larger side, so if you're just looking for a savory bite, then these mini bacon and egg pies are just for you! Order your bacon now at to start making these cute little bites. 

5. Bacon Pot Pie

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Love chicken pot pie? Then you will love bacon pot pie! That's right, your favorite old time recipe, but made with bacon instead. Order your bacon now at to start cooking this marvelous meal!

6. Bourbon Bacon Pie

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What could be a more classic dessert than bourbon bacon pie! You can make yours as soon as today by getting your fix of Nolechek's premium slices at 

7. Apple Crumble Pie with Bacon Bits

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For those of you crumble pie lovers out there, this recipe is a must. Toss some Nolechek's bacon magic on top of that gorgeous slice, and you're good to go! Order your bacon now at 

8. Bacon Pumpkin Pie

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Surprise! There is such a thing as pumpkin pie with bacon, and it's about to change your life. Order your bacon at and start baking!

9. Peanut Butter Bacon Pie

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Peanut butter is fantastic with anything, but it's even better served in a pie with Nolechek's bacon! Get your sweet tooth on and order your fix of bacon now at


10. Bacon and Onion Tart 

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And last but not least, we have the fancy bacon and onion tart. Unleash your true culinary skills and whip up this delicious masterpiece, with the aid of Nolechek's bacon, of course. Order now at 

We hope that this post about Nolechek's top 10 bacon pie recipes has inspired you to hit the stove and get creative! Happy cooking.