Super Bowl Party Food: Bring Nolechek's Specialty Bratwurst

Super Bowl Party Food: Bring Nolechek's Specialty Bratwurst

You may already know that Nolechek's bratwurst is made with lean, quality cuts of beef and the perfect balance of pork, but did you know that our specialty Wisconsin bratwurst comes in a wide variety of flavors? We have sixteen (16!) types of specialty bratwurst...and that’s not even including our Traditional Bratwurst, Chicken Bratwurst, or our signature Hickory Smoked Brats.

Here’s an introduction to the Sixteen Nolechek’s Specialty Bratwurst Varieties that we craft at our place in Thorp, Wisconsin:

  • Apricot-Dijon: Made with sweet apricot preserves that are locally crafted by the Huber family, complemented by the pleasant bite of flavorful Dijon mustard.
  • Bleu Cheese: Our traditional bratwurst seasoning meets a deliciously sharp, salty taste and creamy texture from chunks of rich Bleu cheese.
  • The Bacon Bleu: Bits of Nolechek's famous Hickory Smoked Honey Cured Bacon are complemented by creamy Bleu cheese crumbles and a just a hint of local Wisconsin honey.
  • Brat 'n' Kraut: Authentic German barrel-style sauerkraut paired with a hint of caraway and brown sugar, along with Nolechek’s traditional bratwurst seasoning.
  • Cheddar: Our traditional fresh bratwurst bursting with rich, creamy cheddar cheese. Many a Wisconsinite’s dream sausage.
  • Chaddywurst: Made with our traditional bratwurst seasoning - plus a hint of onion and garlic - and loaded with creamy cheddar cheese. Sound good? We added our famous Hickory Smoked Honey Cured Bacon, too! A house favorite.
  • Green & Gold: Traditional bratwurst seasoning with a bit of heat from spicy jalapeños, cool green bell peppers, and gooey cheddar. A flavorful bratwurst with a pleasant amount of heat.
  • Jalapeño: Our traditional bratwurst paired with the perfect amount of heat from the addition of jalapeño peppers. Simple and delicious.
  • Inferno: Packed with cayenne and jalapeno peppers, this one is for heat-lovers only. Seriously, if you want a hot brat, this one’s for you! 
  • Mango Habañero: The sweetness from the dried mangos combines deliciously with the heat (and we mean HEAT – you have been warned!) from spicy habañero peppers. 
  • Mushroom & Swiss: Earthy mushrooms, rich Swiss, and our traditional bratwurst seasoning blend beautifully for a rich bite.
  • Philly Cheese Steak: Layers of cool green peppers, onion, and smooth provolone cheese round out this fresh bratwurst that will remind you of everyone’s favorite sandwich!
  • Sassy Honey BBQ: We combine smokey and sweet with a hint of spice to create this fan favorite fresh bratwurst.
  • Wild Rice & Dried Cranberries: Our most popular specialty brat features Minnesota-grown wild rice paired with Wisconsin-grown cranberries, along with our traditional bratwurst seasoning and a hint of white pepper.
  • Smoked Gouda: Award-winning Marieke Gouda’s plain 2-4 month Young Gouda cheese adds a creamy, slightly smoky element to our traditional bratwurst.
  • Onion Garlic Gouda: Rich Onion Garlic Gouda cheese from Marieke Penterman combines with our traditional bratwurst to create a flavor combination that is something to savor. This brat is juicy, cheesy, and an absolute stunner.

We’ve given you a lot of brat options “to chew on” and we’re sure you found at least a few varieties of bratwurst that have piqued your interest. Let us tell you: Anyone you’re Super Bowl partying with will think you have the best taste on earth if you show up with a cooler full of Nolechek’s Brats.  

Party On!

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