Our Top 7 Holiday Gifts By Nolechek's

Our Top 7 Holiday Gifts By Nolechek's

Simplify gift giving anytime of the year and save an average of 10-15% when you purchase one these 7 holiday gift assortments! Our favorites, fan favorites, and best sellers are included in this wide variety of what we consider the best-of-the-best! These combinations have withstood the test of time and are consistently met with resounding customer approval.

1. Ultimate Bacon

This assortment of Nolechek's award-winning Hickory Smoked Honey Cured Bacon includes five pounds (1 lb. each) of our most famous product. We didn't invent bacon, we just perfected it.

2. The Best of The Best

A variety that includes one package each of the best in Wisconsin meat and cheese, including: Traditional Fresh Bratwurst, Hickory Smoked Honey Cured Bacon, Hickory Smoked Beef Summer Sausage with Garlic, Hickory Smoked Polish Sausage, and LaGrander's Cheese Curds. 

3. Wisconsin Summer Sausage & Cheese Combo

This assortment makes the perfect gift to share with someone who appreciates Wisconsin's finest summer sausage and cheese. And if you chose to enjoy this one by yourself, we won't share your secret.

4. Wisconsin Bratwurst Trio

Leave the decisions to us and enjoy three packages of our favorites. Each package averages 1.25 lbs. and contains five fresh bratwurst: Traditional Fresh Bratwurst, Brat 'n' Kraut, and Chaddywurst. 

5. Even More Wisconsin Bratwurst

Six packages (5 per package, 1.25 lb. average) of Nolechek's favorite fresh bratwurst! This selection includes something for every palate and includes our most popular specialty bratwurst. Nolechek's bratwurst begin with the highest quality, lean cuts of beef and pork and seasoned to perfection to create the perfect bite. Our fresh bratwurst are naturally gluten and MSG free.

6. Polish Sausage Assortment

This assortment includes our famous hickory smoked and fresh varieties of polish sausages. Our polish sausage starts with lean, quality pork and beef, the perfect blend of seasoning and is finished with 100% natural hickory smoke.

7. Old World Sampler Package

Enjoy a taste of the old world! This sampler contains the products older generations know all about, that are often difficult to find. Nolechek's takes pride in continuing the long-standing tradition of crafting these products from recipes developed over 65 years ago, made in the same time-honored traditions.

We hope you enjoyed today's post Our Top 7 Holiday Gifts By Nolechek's. We wish you all a very happy holiday season! 

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