Nolechek's Top 5 Grilling Ideas for Labor Day Weekend

Nolechek's Top 5 Grilling Ideas for Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is Wisconsin summer's grand finale, so plan your menu ahead of time and let us help you with picks for the grill! We have everything from tender smoked chops to hand-crafted brats and hot dogs. Visit us in Thorp or ship anywhere in the US from

To get your menu planning underway, here are our Top 5 Nolechek's Grilling Favorites:

Smoked Pork Chops

Why not step outside the bun and upgrade your grilling game with savory hickory smoked pork chops? Nolechek's classic smoked pork chops are fully cooked and pair nicely with pinot noirs or sweet reds for an elegant Labor Day celebration. When it comes to side dishes, the sky is the limit! You can't go wrong with the classic sweet and savory combination of baked apples or homemade applesauce and smoked pork chops. Add some seasonal vegetables like broccoli or glazed carrots and you've got a delicious and memorable Labor Day feast!


For more a more traditional spread, bust out a Wisconsin classic: grilled brats! Believe us, brats don't have to be basic. In addition to Nolechek's award-winning traditional, fresh bratwurst, we offer Brat 'n' Kraut bratwurst with authentic German barrel-style sauerkraut and a hint of caraway and brown sugar. Or for a handcrafted brat trifecta, serve up our Chaddywurst. It's a mouth-watering combination of traditional bratwurst, creamy cheddar cheese and hickory smoked honey-cured bacon. Any way you slice it, Wisconsin's best brats are a perennial Labor Day favorite.


Even the pickiest eaters can't resist foods wrapped in hand-crafted bacon. Guests will gobble greens, like asparagus, if they’re wrapped in hickory smoked honey-cured bacon and prepared on the grill. For those with a sweet tooth, pineapples and dates taste equally delightful when bundled in bacon and drizzled with honey. For a unique and yummy appetizer, skewer fresh mushrooms wrapped in bacon and basted in barbeque sauce. We guarantee you won't have any bacon-wrapped leftovers! 


No cookout is complete without wieners…and we're not talking about just any wieners, we mean Wisconsin's best hickory smoked wieners. Do your kids prefer the traditional hot dog experience? Then skinless wieners - either with cheese or without - are perfect in a soft, white bun. For true hot dog aficionados (we're looking at you, Windy City folks) Nolechek's natural casing varieties promise that signature snap with every bite. Traditional Chicago dogs must include yellow mustard, chopped white onions, bright green sweet pickle relish, a dill pickle spear, tomato slices or wedges, pickled sport peppers and a dash of celery salt. Ketchup? If you must; just don't get caught with it on your dog in Chi-Town! 

Blockbuster Burgers

If you really want to impress your guests, don't settle for a boring burger. Instead, add some of Wisconsin's finest fixings for burgers bursting with flavor. Skip the slices of the processed stuff and add some of Wisconsin's finest sQuEAkY cheese curds to your burger. Top it off with our hickory smoked bacon and you'll have the best burger ever. The curds add ooey gooey richness that complements both the crispy bacon and juicy burger. We're not ready for summer to end, but we're definitely ready for Blockbuster Burgers!


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