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Nolechek's Top 10 Dessert & Bacon Combos

What could be more delicious than Nolechek's premium bacon... AND dessert? Try not to drool all over your computer screen as you read today's post about Nolechek's Top 10 Dessert & Bacon combos! Let's get right to it. 

1. Maple Bacon Cupcakes

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Where are my cupcake lovers? Bottom line is, bacon cupcakes are delicious. Whether you're a fan of chocolate or vanilla buttercream, either flavor works perfectly alongside the crispy, savory goodness of Nolechek's premium slices. 

2. Chocolate Covered Bacon Strips

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There's probably no easier bacon-dessert duo to make than dipping a glorious piece of pork into a steaming hot fudge bath, and letting it sit to cool and harden. White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate––the flavor of our bacon works with any cacao preference! 

3. Maple Bacon Donut

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Calling all donut lovers, this dessert takes your sweet tooth to a whole new level! Simply sprinkle some bacon on top of your favorite donut, or get fancy with it, and infuse our bacon within the actual donut batter! Whatever you decide to do in the end, we guarantee the result will be one heck of a donut. 

4. Bacon Rice Krispies

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More rice krispies and bacon, please! All that you've got to do in order to whip up this magnificent munchie is melt a bowl full of marshmallows, stir in some heapfuls of rice krispies, toss in some bits of Nolechek's bacon, mix it all together, let it sit and cool, and voila! 

5. Chocolate Covered Bacon Toffee

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For those of you with a fancier dessert palette, chocolate bacon toffee might just be the thing that you've long been waiting for. So why hesitate? Grab some of Nolechek's bacon today, and get cooking!

6. Bacon Chocolate Brownie

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What could be more classic than bacon infused brownies? The fudgy nature of a perfectly cooked chocolate brownie combined with the salty savor of Nolechek's bacon is a recipe guaranteed to win over any sweet tooth's heart!

7. Chocolate & Bacon Cake

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Just look at that magnificent image: a double decker chocolate cake, slathered with vanilla buttercream in between each layer, topped with oh-so mouthwatering bacon bits, and finished with a cascade of maple syrup... need I continue?

8. Bacon Butter Tart

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Bacon and butter and sweetened bread. Who needs more in life? Thank you to the inventor of the bacon butter tart for achieving our culinary dreams. You rock.

9. Bacon Ice Cream

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Summer's still going strong, so why not cool down with some bacon ice cream? 

10. Maple Bacon Bread Pudding

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Don't you wish that you could wake up in the morning to the sound and smell of sweet and savory maple bacon bread pudding? Well, luck for you, that dream can turn into a reality! Just get yourself a helping of your favorite Nolechek's bacon, some bread and syrup, and you'll be good to go. 

We hope that you enjoyed this post on Nolechek's Top 10 Dessert & Bacon Combos. Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time for me to dig into a chocolate bacon brownie!