Nolechek's Simple Guide to Sausages

Nolechek's Simple Guide to Sausages

Bratwurst, sausage, what's the difference? Actually.. there IS a difference, and in this week's blog post, we'll tell you all about it! Welcome to Nolechek's simple guide to sausages. Let's start with bratwursts. 

Bratwurst is a Germanic word, and yet, it is a sausage, but it's a specific kind of sausage, one that's made from veil or pork. Sausage itself is defined as "a meat product made from minced or ground beef, pork, veal, or chicken that is mixed with fat, salt, herbs, and spices." So, to recap, yes, bratwurst is a kind of sausage, but not all kinds of sausages are bratwursts. 

Moreover, there are a bunch of different sausages, such as chorizo, salami, liver sausage, you name it! Each sausage comes with its own unique flavor and preparation. For example, salami is a specialized sausage that is heavily seasoned and eaten cold, whereas chorizo is a pork-based sausage that is either fermented, cured, or smoke, and can be eaten either cold or hot. 

And you don't necessarily need to have meat in the equation when it comes to sausages. For example, liver sausage is.. you guessed it.. made of liver! But it still counts as a type of sausage. Additionally, blood sausage is also not a derivative of meat, but it is considered a sausage nonetheless. 

As you can see, there's more than meats the eye when it comes to sausage. Lastly, at Nolechek's we provide an amazing selection of unique premium sausages for you to choose from. Order your favorite sausage now by clicking here!


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