Nolechek's Guide to Grilling Basics

Nolechek's Guide to Grilling Basics

Whether you're a newbie to grilling or well-seasoned (I know, we're pros at discrete humor), this blog will elevate your grilling game by locking in the essentials. Now, Let's get sizzling!


But first, prep!

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First thing's first–prep is important! Letting your grill warm-up 10-15 minutes before you slab your first hunk of meat on it will allow for the most optimal grilling temperature, and you'll avoid biting into a dry or overcooked steak. We prefer to grill steak and bratwurst over medium to medium-high heat, depending on the grill.

Be sure to clean the grates with a wire grill brush and make sure that the grill is clean. This will help prevent flare-ups–something you definitely should avoid for reasons of safety (as well as keeping you're eyebrows intact). 

Next, make sure that you season your meat ahead of time, and let it rest in the fridge for up to an hour. If you do this, the seasoning will properly fuse into the meat, and provide the most optimal flavor. The same process is done with marination. 

Next–time to bring up the heat!

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When grilling, we recommend using an ovenproof thermometer (especially when it comes to burgers and steaks), which stays in the meat while it cooks. This way, you can easily monitor the meat's temperature, and make sure that its cooking properly without having to constantly open and close the grill. Consistent loss of heat can cause the cooking time to increase. (Click here to purchase our favorite digital probe thermometer),

How long do you cook a steak?

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Excellent question! The answer is, it depends on how you like your steak done (rare, medium, etc.) Remember that the temperature will continue to increase 3-5 degrees after you remove your meat from the grill. 


Doneness               Remove from Grill                  Final Temp

Rare                          130-135                                 132-140

Medium Rare             140                                         145

Medium                      155                                        160

Medium Well              160                                         165

Well Done                   165                                         170


And remember.. don't flip your meat too much! 

A1 Steak should cook for about 5 minutes on each side at medium-high heat. Burgers and brats should cook about 4 minutes on each side, depending on thickness. And make sure to use tongs, so that you don't pierce the meat–you don't want to lose all those good juices!

Once you're done cooking, let the meat rest before serving it for about 5 minutes. This way you'll retain all those tasty juices without draining them onto your plate, and when you do cut into your steak, make sure to cut across the grain. 

***Bonus Bratwurst Pro-Tip

Nolechek's secret to grilling the perfect brat is to simmer it on the stove before-hand for about 10 minutes. After simmering the brat, grill over medium heat for about 3-4 minutes per side for optimal grill marks. Grilling over lower heat prevents the brat from bursting and losing its juices and cheese.

Congrats! You're a grilling expert now

We hope that this Nolechek's guide to grilling basics will provide you with a smoother, tastier grilling experience! Order your next slab of meats here and brag all about your grilling skills at your next cookout. 




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