Nolechek’s Best Bacon Grilled Cheese Add-Ons

Nolechek’s Best Bacon Grilled Cheese Add-Ons

There aren't too many foods more comforting than an ooey-gooey grilled cheese sandwich, toasted to crisp perfection on the outside and bursting with cheese. Tuesday, April 12th, is National Grilled Cheese Day and, in honor of such a momentous food occasion, we've put together a list of our favorite grilled cheese sandwich additions (hint: there will be bacon) over at our blog, The Bacon Beat. here, we'll check out our Wisconsin cheese recommendations for this iconic, comforting sandwich, as well as our picks for add-ons that take your grilled cheese the extra mile.

Grilled cheese is the quintessential crowd-pleasing sandwich. So why is it all too often relegated to the kids menu? We think that grilled cheese is great for people of all ages. However, if you want to elevate your grilled cheese for a more sophisticated palette, we have ideas!

Roasted Pepper & Pepper Bacon Grilled Cheese

Roasted red peppers add a spicy sweet flavor that is the perfect complement to a good gouda - we like Marieke's Smoked Gouda...and it's an easy grilled cheese hack! Just chop roasted red peppers (you can get ‘em in a jar at the grocery store) and pat them dry with paper towels. Layer them with Nolechek's Pepper Bacon on your favorite cheese or cheese combo along with some fresh spinach or arugula. The peppers add a pretty pop of color that is also darn delicious!

Sliced Apple & Uncured Bacon Grilled Cheese

If you think about it, adding thinly sliced apples to your grilled cheese makes a lot of sense. After all, how many of us love to top our slice of apple pie with a savory slice of Cheddar-cheesy goodness? (If you’re in Wisconsin, the answer is “A lot of us”) Add Nolechek's Uncured Bacon and you have a grilled cheese with a trifecta of complementary flavors.

Jam & Bacon Raspberry Bacon Grilled Cheese

Sweet and savory is a perennial favorite combination. In this delicious twist on the grilled cheese sandwich, gooey rich cheese is the catalyst that marries your favorite fruit jam with Nolechek's Raspberry Chipotle Bacon. The cheese we would use for this gloriously sticky, gooey sandwich? It’s Marieke Young Gouda all the way!

Peanut Butter & Hickory Smoked Bacon Grilled Cheese

Hear us out on this one: We recently discovered the miracle of peanut butter slathered on one our favorite bacon burgers, at a terrific burger joint in Milwaukee. It's that whole sweet-and-savory thing again, just a little stickier. If you like a little crunch, try a chunky version of your favorite peanut butter. We suggest using a mild cheese, like LaGrander’s Colby, to go with your PB. Go Full Elvis: Add some of our classic Nolecheck's Hickory Smoked Bacon – you’ll be glad you did.

Jalapeno & Beef Bacon Grilled Cheese

If sweet and savory isn't your jam, try spicy and rich! We love the flavorful combination of jalapeños and Nolechek's Beef Bacon with a nice, sharp Wisconsin cheddar - and this one's aged a whopping 7 years! 

Note: If you're worried about too much heat, use canned or jarred jalapeños instead of fresh ones.



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