Nolechek Family Grilling: Favorite Dishes, Favorite Stories

Nolechek Family Grilling: Favorite Dishes, Favorite Stories

Looking out the window, it’s difficult to believe that grilling season is right around the corner, but if you’re from Wisconsin, you probably don’t let the pesky cold weather stop you from living up to your Grill Master status. Grilling is in our blood at Nolechek’s and, while everyone has their favorite way to cook outdoors, the results are the same. Delicious, home-cooked food that brings everyone together to laugh, reminisce, and enjoy the fellowship that only a full table of food can bring.

Kelly is a Traeger die-hard, so much so that he owns not one, but TWO Traegers…one for home and one for the lake. While he enjoys smoking and grilling just about anything on his pellet grill, his absolute favorite thing to grill is Nolechek’s Hickory Smoked Honey Cured Bacon. He also makes a mean pizza, with Nolechek’s Italian Salami with Wine, of course; and experiments with different rubs to create fall-off-the-bone back ribs and savory pork shoulder.

 Kelly Nolechek Pig Roast

Kelly showing off his pig-roasting repertoire on the Weber, in 1994.

Kelly & Chad Nolechek with pig-themed Traeger Grill

Kelly and Chad with the pig-themed Traeger pellet grill in 2006.

Chad is a fan of the Blackstone he purchased last year and loves the versatility of all you can do on the flat top. From smash burgers with onion directly smashed into the crispy crust hamburger patty to being able to cook all the pancakes at once for breakfast. It’s all about working smarter, not harder, for Chad.

Chad Nolechek learning the Traeger Grill

Chad learning the Traeger in 2005.

Lucille has been honing her craft on the Green Mountain Grill we use here at Nolechek’s and enjoys taking the lead to grill a few of Nolechek’s wide variety of fresh bratwurst, that are then enjoyed by customers, on the weekends when we offer samples.

Marie and Craig make the BEST bacon-wrapped stuffed mushrooms and jalapeños on their Oklahoma Joe smoker and indulge in perfectly seasoned ribeye steaks on occasion. If you’ve ever had the chance to feast on Craig’s smoked pork butts, seasoned with a top-secret rub and Craig’s Pure Maple Syrup, count yourself fortunate.

Doc was always grilling something at Lake Holcombe or Fort Lauderdale when the family gathered. Food, cocktail, reminiscing, and the laughter that accompanied were always in abundance. He expertly grilled prime rib, catfish, brats, and steak galore on his gas grill.

Bill, Sr. & "Doc" Nolechek, grilling in Florida 

Bill, Sr. & Doc enjoying cocktails and time around the grill in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

My favorite Nolechek family grilling story revolves around Bumpa (Bill, Sr.) and his grilling skills. Don Jones, a traveling salesman who crisscrossed the state in his gold Cadillac, pulling an enclosed trailer, was invited to stop at the family home to visit with Bill, Dee, and the family. When it was time to get dinner started, Bumpa fired up the Weber charcoal grill and got out around 20 whole chickens to rub with peanut oil. Don graciously excused himself because it looked like the family was getting ready to host company for supper, when Bump informed him that all the chicken was for their family of nine and that they liked leftovers. After Don picked his jaw up off the floor, he settled in for the feast. And a couple cocktails, of course. And we still have that big green Weber charcoal grill that spans 3 feet across.

So, whatever your preference – gas, pellet, charcoal – get out and start grilling! With Nolechek’s wide variety of Specialty Wisconsin Fresh Bratwurst, wieners, ground chuck, tender steaks, and choice prime rib available for your grilling adventures, you’re sure to find something that creates a lasting memory with your family and friends!

Happy Grilling!

- Lindsey Nolechek

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