Meats for Your Sweet: Sweetest Day Gift Ideas

Meats for Your Sweet: Sweetest Day Gift Ideas

Did you know that Sweetest Day dates back nearly 100 years? Since then, it's evolved into a popular holiday for sweethearts, primarily men. That's right! Guys get their special day, too, and Nolechek's is your one stop (meat!) shop for Sweetest Day.

The old saying goes that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. For a decadent and romantic Sweetest Day dinner, declare your love with Nolechek's Bacon-Wrapped Fillet Mignon, which pairs nicely with a bold red wine or pinot noir…or a nice Wisconsin-brewed dark beer.

If your man prefers a different cut, surprise him with Nolechek's Boneless Seasoned Prime Rib Roast, made with Nolechek's special blend of seasonings, including Worcestershire sauce, garlic and onion powder, cracked black pepper, and aromatic bitters.

For the ribeye guy, serve up Nolechek's 1"-thick cut Ribeye Steak and he'll fall in love all at first bite, all over again. Add a bottle of cabernet sauvignon and you're guaranteed to have a happy - and satisfied - man on Sweetest Day.

If cooking isn't your forte, you can still treat him to something special on Sweetest Day, like the “Best of The Best”, from Nolechek's. The set includes some of the most delicious Wisconsin meat and cheese, including our locally produced Traditional Fresh Bratwurst, Hickory Smoked Beef Summer Sausage with Garlic, Hickory Smoked Garlic Polish Sausage, and LaGrander's Cheese Curds.

Still not sure what to choose? Nothing says "I love you" more than bacon. Our Ultimate Bacon Sampler includes an assortment of Nolechek's award-winning Hickory Smoked Honey Cured Bacon, including Traditional Bacon, Apple Cinnamon Bacon, Peppered Bacon, Raspberry Chipotle Bacon, and Butt Bacon from the pork shoulder.

This Sweetest Day, skip the sappy card and give your guy what he really wants - award winning meats from Nolechek’s. Heck, guys, get your girl the same thing!

Happy Sweetest Day!

 - Nolechek’s Meats

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