If Nolechek's Meats Had Personalities

If Nolechek's Meats Had Personalities

Now, we all know that ‘one’ person. Either they’re organized, loyal, a bit quirky, quiet or larger than life (and meat can be just the same way, with its various flavors, aromas, and tastes). So, which meat personality are you? 

1. Bacon

Bacon is the life of the party, the one that everyone likes. Bacon gets invited because they know how to make conversation and have a good time. Even the easily offended Steak likes Bacon.

2. Polish Sausage

Polish Sausage is like a grandparent, reminding you of the good old days and teaching you lessons from their childhood. It brings a smile to your face to think about all the comforting memories with Polish Sausage. Family dinners, learning to cook, and all the times spent together.

3. Specialty Old World

Kishka, Jaternice, Swedish Style Potato Ring, Liver Sausage, Pork & Chicken Loaf

Specialty Old World is like that quirky family member or the black sheep of the family. Once you get to know them, you like them. Turns out they’re really interesting, fun to talk to, and have tons of interesting stories. 

4. Traditional Bratwurst

The reliable father figure tried and true, Traditional Bratwurst makes it a priority to attend all events and is missed when he’s not there. The leader of the bunch, everyone respects Traditional Bratwurst.

5. Specialty Bratwurst

Nolechek’s Specialty Bratwurst is the world traveler. They’ve been to so many places and you just can’t say ‘no’ to their company because they’re so interesting. So much variety, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

6. Summer Sausage

Like a loyal best friend, tried and true, Summer Sausage doesn’t disappoint. You can go for months without seeing Summer Sausage and you’ll still pick up right where you left off.

7. Semi-boneless ham

Semi-Boneless Ham is the baby of the family. They have to be the center of attention at every family gathering and no one minds, because everyone loves to spend time with the baby.

8. Wieners

Wieners are your childhood friend that you’ve been fortunate enough to grow into adulthood with. Skinless are the younger years and then you grow into Natural Casing because you’ve got this ‘adulting’ thing.

9. Italian Sausage

Italian Sausage is the 21-year-old who likes to party. Italian Sausage has an opinion about everything and isn’t afraid to share it. And as hard as Traditional Bratwurst try to keep Italian Sausage in line, it just doesn’t work.

10. Steak

Ribeye, Fillet Mignon, Rib Roast

What you see is what you get, there’s nothing to hide and nowhere to put it. Sure, you can add a little salt or pepper, but whatever you do, don’t offend Steak by eating it well done. Not everyone may agree, but Steak doesn’t care.

And there you have it! Which meat personality are you?

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