How Beef Jerky is Made by Nolechek's

How Beef Jerky is Made by Nolechek's

Every fresh package of Nolechek's beef jerky provides our customers with an incredible flavor roller coaster, and only the most premium snacking experience. But how do we make the magic happen? In this post, we'll be telling you all about how Nolechek's produces its famous beef jerky! 

1. Step one: select the best cut of meat.

To make the best jerky, you gotta pick the best cut of meat! Nolechek’s sources USDA top round, which is a sub-primal located in the beef round primal. Top round is very lean and tough because it comes from well-exercised muscles from the leg and rump of the beef. The large roasts are sliced ¼” thick, perfect for making jerky.

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2. Step two: seasoning the jerky.

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The next step is to season the jerky. Nolechek’s uses special blends of spices to craft each variety of beef jerky. Our sweet and savory jerky has lots of black pepper and maple syrup to give it its unique flavor profile, while our traditional beef has black pepper, garlic and onion powder.

3. Step three: it's tumbler time!

After the jerky is seasoned, it's placed in a large meat tumbler, which is sealed under vacuum. Using a vacuum allows the muscle fibers to expand, which leads to better flavor distribution. It’s basically marinating on a larger and faster scale. We tumble the jerky to ensure even distribution of spices and cure.

4. Step four: laying out the goods. 

After approximately 5 days the jerky is ready to be laid out on screens. Laying it out on screens allows for even drying, which is important because that’s what gives jerky its tough, dry texture.


After step 4, we package up that beautiful Jerky, and it's off to the shop! We hope that you've enjoyed this post on how Nolechek's makes its beef jerky, and be sure to order yours today by visiting the snack section of our website here


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