Get To Know Nolechek's Very Own Lindsey!

Get To Know Nolechek's Very Own Lindsey!

How long have you been a team member at Nolechek’s?

I grew up in the business, right down the street. Throughout high school, I would come and clean and work retail after school and during the summers I would do the same. Even after I went to college, I came back a couple of times and helped with projects. In 2014, I returned part-time after I left funeral service and in 2015, went full-time and haven’t looked back.

What is your role at Nolechek’s?

My role at Nolechek’s as an owner is to understand all aspects of the business, support the team in whatever way needed and continually look to improve and grow what we are doing. My daily activities include working in production, managing the HACCP program, handling office work, scheduling, ordering, and working on projects to improve the business.

What is your favorite thing about working at Nolechek’s?

There are so many favorite things for me about working at Nolechek’s. The reason that is all encompassing is the fact that I’ve been called to be a part of something that has spanned four generations and 68 years. To be in this building and think about the people who came before me, their stories, and how this all came to be is amazing. I always knew in my heart I would end up back at Nolechek’s. I didn’t know when or how it would work out, but I knew it would be a part of my life. It’s humbling to be a part of such a legacy and I’m so blessed to be able to do what I do every single day.

Our team is another favorite thing about working at Nolechek’s. They are the best group of individuals and their talents, attitudes and work ethic are second to none. They go above and beyond every day to do the best job possible and we are fortunate to have such an amazing team. 

And last, but not least, our customers. We strive to create a customer experience that, paired with our delicious product, brings them back for more. And when I get the chance to work retail, I love hearing the stories of my grandfather, how people have been coming here for generations, and how much they appreciate our product and what we do. It’s all about sharing the stories about the products, building relationships, and getting to know people.

What is your favorite product?

I honestly don’t know if I can say I have one specific favorite. Each product has a story. I think of one and the reason or memory and then I think of another because of that reason or memory. And this can then go on and on…so, here are a few:

Hickory Smoked Honey Cured Bacon

Because of the story of how it came to be when Bumpa purchased the cure recipe from Peter’s Meats in Eau Claire, along with the loaf pans and on the way home, some of the pans fell out of the truck and they had to stop to pick them up. If you knew Bump, imagining his reaction is priceless…ha! And it’s also the best damn bacon you’ll ever have, so there’s that.

Pork & Chicken Loaf

The smell of the product cooking and thinking about the thousands of times it’s been made and the people that made it. Thinking about how the process and product has remained unchanged as when they started making it over five decades ago. It is truly a handcrafted product.

Seasoned Prime Rib

This was always the centerpiece at Nolechek family gatherings and it always seemed like we were feeding an army when the biggest prime rib you could find was set on the table. And then we’d have to listen to people worry if it was going to be done or if it should have been started earlier or how it took longer than expected. You would think they’d never cooked one before. And yet it was perfect every single time. And we were together. The smell of seasoned prime rib takes me back to Gran’s house in an instant.


What is your favorite summer activity?

I enjoy spending time with my husband, Tim, family, and friends, biking, and flower gardening. This summer has been perfect, and it’s been awesome!

What is a fun fact about you?

I have really gotten into biking and try to do at least one 20-24 mile ride a week, along with a couple of shorter ones. It’s so freeing to get out and enjoy the countryside, there is so much to see and appreciate. Also, before I came back to Nolechek’s in 2014, I was a funeral director for 7 years in Manchester, NH and Wausau, WI.

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