Food History: Jaternice Sausage

Food History: Jaternice Sausage

Food is one of the strongest, most tangible connections to our past. For people of Czech descent, Jaternice - a traditional Bohemian sausage - can be traced back hundreds of years to their ancestral homeland. This hearty sausage utilizes the whole hog - including parts that are often discarded today - and is a testament to the frugality and practicality of the Czech people. Fortunately for us, Czech immigrants passed down their recipes through the generations, so that we can continue to enjoy this traditional Old World sausage today. 

For some, eating snout-to-tail may sound intimidating. On the contrary, using the whole animal is not only environmentally and economically responsible, it's also delicious! We craft our Jaternice with the highest quality barley, pork cuts, and pork skins. Seasoned with hints of marjoram, sage, onion, and garlic, Nolechek’s Jaternice is a simple and comforting specialty sausage. Squeeze the sausage out of its casing as a hash and top it with an egg for breakfast. Or spread it on crackers as a tasty snack. For a heartier meal, serve baked, broiled, or grilled Jaternice Sausages with sauerkraut, potatoes, and a crusty loaf of good bread on the side. 

Nolechek's Meats Old World Sausages

Finding authentic, Old World sausages can be a challenge. That's why Nolechek's is committed to honoring our Bohemian heritage by crafting traditional products, including Jaternice, Kishka, and Swedish-Style Potato Sausage (OK, not Bohemian but amazing). These are some of our most unique and popular specialty sausage and we ship them across the United States. We also sell these sausages in our store right here in Thorpe, Wisconsin. We invite you to "czech" them out!

P.S. If you want to ask for Jaternice by name, it's pronounced 'ya-ter-neet-sa' - it's fun to say and even better to eat!


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