Burger Time! Nolechek’s Top 5 Best Bacon Cheeseburger Ideas

Burger Time! Nolechek’s Top 5 Best Bacon Cheeseburger Ideas

Bacon Cheeseburgers = Greatness

When was the last time you made burgers on the grill? Did you add bacon? If it's been awhile since you made a BCB - and even if it hasn't - this weekend is a golden opportunity to whip up some big, beefy burgers covered in melty Wisconsin Cheddar and topped with crispy strips of Nolechek's Bacon. Want to try some twists on your next Bacon Cheeseburger? We're sharing our Top 5 Best Bacon Cheeseburger Ideas right here, right now!

Americans love their burgers. In fact, we eat around 50 billion hamburgers annually! We think the best burgers are topped with cheese and bacon. That's why we decided to take a trip around the U.S. to find regional favorites.

West Coast Bacon Cheeseburger

We'll start our Tour de Burger on the beautiful West Coast, where lucky residents have access to the freshest of ingredients. Our West Coast Bacon Cheeseburger uses lean ground beef patties grilled medium rare (keeps ‘em juicy!) with melted cheddar cheese and slathered with fresh, ripe avocado. Top it off with fresh sliced tomatoes and Nolechek's Uncured Bacon and you have a fresh and easy burger. We like ours slathered with mayo and – if you really wanna be West Coast about it – wrap it in a crunchy lettuce leaf for a keto-friendly burger.

Tex-Mex Bacon Cheeseburger

Our next stop is in the warm, dry Southwest!  This Tex-Mex Bacon Cheeseburger should be hand-pattied and extra thick – we recommend using a 1/2 pound of Black Angus Beef for an extra hearty burger. Add Habañero or Pepper Jack Cheese, poblano peppers, diced raw onions, lettuce, tomato, and of course, Nolechek's Hickory Smoked Bacon. We like ours on a soft Brioche hamburger bun with a side of baked or refried beans.

Midwestern Bacon Wrapped Juicy Lucy Cheeseburger

If you haven't tried a “Juicy Lucy” yet, you're missing out! This midwestern classic starts with 1 lb of ground beef divided into 8 patties (2 for each burger…wait for it!). Sandwich ¼” cubed Marieke Gouda True Farmstead Cheese between two of the patties and pinch the burgers together around the edges to seal in the cheese. Wrap two slices of Nolechek's Peppered Bacon around the burger in the shape of the letter "X" and secure with it with toothpicks.

Grill the burgers over indirect heat with the lid closed for 18 - 20 minutes or until bacon is crispy. Be sure to flip the burgers after around 10 minutes. We like our Juicy Lucy topped with mustard, ketchup, and pickled red onions, and served on a classic Sesame seed bun. Just be careful! That hot cheese is known to squirt out and burn tongues if you don't let the burgers cool a bit before enjoying.

Southern-Style Bacon Cheeseburger

Midwesterners aren't the only ones who love bacon cheeseburgers! Folks in the South adore their burgers, too! We like to put a southern spin on the classic burger by melting savory pimento cheese (one of our favorite Southern foods, in and of itself) on top and adding fried green tomatoes, crisp fried onion rings, and a pile of Nolechek's Raspberry Chipotle Bacon. We like ours on a pretzel roll with a side of cool, creamy coleslaw.

Hawaiian Bacon Cheeseburger

Our final stop is the Aloha State! Pineapple lovers rejoice! Just imagine a thick, juicy grilled burger topped with melted Provolone cheese, fresh pineapple rings marinated in teriyaki sauce, and crisp, smokey slices of Nolechek's Uncured Bacon. Add red bell pepper cut into rings - or red onions - if you want extra crunch and flavor. Serve on a ciabatta or Sesame seed bun. Add some BBQ sauce or spread fresh avocado, if you feel the need to sauce it up

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