Bratwurst Grill Tips By Nolechek's Fans

Bratwurst Grill Tips By Nolechek's Fans

Today's blog post features... you! We'll be summing up your brat grilling tips in this post for all to see, share, and try out at home. We know that everyone has their own grilling preferences, but it's always a great idea to try something new and experiment. Let's get to it!

1. Place your brats in beer first

Submerging your brats in beer is a great way to unleash that meaty flavor in every single bite. Indeed, the brat actually soaks in the beer while sitting in the ale bath, so this tip is definitely worth taking into account! (Thank you Randy for the advice). 

2. Try out an air fryer!

Perhaps one of our more creative responses was using an air fryer after soaking your brats in beer. According to Cindy, "boil your brats in beer and then cook them in the air fryer for 6-8 minutes," which gives the brat a nice crispy browning and delicious taste! Now how's that for some brat grilling innovation. 


3. Garlic and onion is the way

Sizzling up those brats with something as simple as garlic and onion provides a powerful flavor punch without the need for anything fancy in the cooking process. We highly recommend this traditional grilling tip for your next cookout. 

4. Grill them straight up 

And last but not least, you ALWAYS have the option to grill our brats as they are, and enjoy their incredible taste as is! This seems to be a popular opinion amongst our fans, and we're delighted to hear that you love our brats so much.  

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