Bill's Top Meat Picks by Nolechek's

Bill's Top Meat Picks by Nolechek's

Bill has dedicated his entire career to upholding the traditions at Nolechek’s Meats, dating back to his early years when he worked alongside his father, to when he became owner operator with Kelly in the early 90s.

Bill is involved with day-to-day operations, purchasing, and scheduling. However, his most important job, and we feel you’ll agree, is making sure our bacon is cured and smoked to perfection! Find out all about his favorite picks in today's post. 

1. Hickory Smoked Honey Cured Bacon

Our bacon is perfect. I'm not a fan of too much salt or smoke, so our bacon is the right balance of both, and comes with the perfect amount of 100% natural hickory smoke. Our bacon bakes wonderfully in the oven––the only way to cook bacon, at 375° for 15-20 minutes. Oh, and it doesn't shrink either! No other bacon that we try comes close to Nolechek's bacon, and we're proud of that every single day. We didn't invent bacon––we perfected it! Click here to order now!

2. Pre-Cooked Bratwurst

Our pre-cooked brats are the best our there. We make them with lean beef and pork so they don’t explode when you grill them. Our brats cook easy on a grill, and only need to be warmed and browned. We add a touch of white pepper to our traditional family recipe to create the perfect flavor. Click here to order now!

3. Hickory Smoked Coarse Ground Polish Sausage

Our traditional garlic Polish sausage of coarser grind has got to be my favorite. I always simmer mine, and I can't get over how each bite of casing combines with the flavor and richness of the pork and beef. It really is the best Polish sausage out there, and if you ask me, it could even be a little bit more coarser! (I'll have to talk to production about that–– ha!Click here to order now!

4. Hickory Smoked Garlic Polish Sausage with Mustard Seed

Our traditional garlic Polish sausage with mustard seed is a close second to the coarse ground. It’s everything I mentioned above, but with the textural element of the mustard seed. They don’t change the flavor, just the texture. Maybe we should try this one in coarse ground, and have the best of both worlds? Click here to order now!

5. Sliced Bologna

The flavor of our bologna is second to none. My favorite way to enjoy Nolechek’s bologna is sliced THIN on a sandwich. Plain and simple. But, it has to be sliced thin to truly appreciate the flavor and perfect texture. Not too greasy, just the right balance of lean to fat. Click here to order now!

6. Coarse Ground Natural Casing Wieners

Some people like to grill their natural casing wieners; however, I always recommend simmering them, but not too much so that they split. The snap of the natural sheep casing combined with the depth of the spices we use–garlic, onion, paprika, and nutmegalong with the coarse grind make this product unforgettable. Click here to order now!

 7. Ham & Cheese Snack Sticks

The all-pork snack sticks are delicious, and my favorite kind has got to be the ham and cheese. The flavor of the Swiss and cheddar cheeses, along with the sweetness of the ham are just perfect. Not to mention that a touch of hickory smoke creates a rich and filling snack stick! Click here to order now!

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