Around The World in 6 Bacon Strips by Nolechek's

Around The World in 6 Bacon Strips by Nolechek's

Ever wondered what kind of bacon people eat across the globe? In today's post, we'll quench your curiosity, and take you on a tasty trip around the globe with our trusted friend, bacon.

1. Canada

Come travel to our neighbors up in the North and enjoy some Canadian bacon! This pork comes from the back loin of the pig, and is an absolutely delicious treat commonly known as Back Bacon. 

2. United Kingdom

 Similar to Canadian bacon, bacon from the UK comes from both pork belly and the loin. One thing's for––if you're ever in England, be sure to order some bacon alongside a traditional English breakfast!


3. Italy

Italy might be known as the land of pizza, pasta, and all-things-carbs, but it's also a goldmine for savory meats––and pancetta is no exception!

4. France


The French may be cheeseheads, but they also know how to do pork right! Whether you travel to Paris or Lyon, you'll be saying "Oh la la" after your first bite of lardons. 

5. Russia

Yes, the Russians eat bacon, too! Meat Salo––a high fat, low-meat delight that is enjoyed with vodka and rye-bread. 

6. Asia

And last but not least, if you've ever been to an Asian country, you know that they're all on top of their pork game. Most of the bacon-type pork that is served in Asian countries is crispy and made with delicious sauces and spices of respective regions. 


We hope that you've enjoyed this trip around the world in 6 bacon strips! Now that you're back in America, be sure to grab hold of your favorite slices (Nolechek's, of course), at the link here


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