A Brief History of Nolechek's

A Brief History of Nolechek's

In today's blog, we're taking a break from the bacon (ha!) and we'll be telling you about us instead! Welcome to a brief history of Nolechek's. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the read. 

Early Beginnings 

Nolechek’s Meats began as the Thorp Locker Plant & Soda Fountain, purchased in 1948 by William F. ‘Doc’ Nolechek. Doc was a veterinarian, entrepreneur, and was involved in the early days of Thorp Finance and served as mayor of Thorp. He built three gas stations and was the owner/operator of Royal Oil Company and Central Refrigeration.

In 1952, his only son, Bill, graduated from Michigan State with a degree in hotel and restaurant management and returned to Thorp. Bill and Dolores were wed in 1954 and began their family. Bill began developing and acquiring recipes for ham, bacon, and sausage. In the early 1970s, Bill purchased the bacon cure recipe and added the honey to create our most beloved product.

All seven of the Nolechek children grew up working in the business; and Bill, Kelly, and Jennifer have dedicated their careers to upholding the family tradition.

The 1970s 

In 1974, Bill and Dolores transitioned into ownership and Nolechek’s was incorporated and officially named. Bill and Dolores began transitioning ownership to their sons, Bill and Kelly, in 1992. The brothers dedicated the next two decades to ensuring that the business moved forward. Changes occurred that challenged Bill and Kelly to adapt and in 2013, the slaughterhouse their father built, in 1962, was sold.

The Next Generation Steps In 

Bill’s daughter, Lindsey, returned in 2014 after a seven-year career as a funeral director. In September 2019, Chad, Kelly’s son, returned and brings with him a decade of knowledge and the designation of Master Meat Crafter. 


The Product

The quality and consistency of our product has remained at the core of what we do. For over 65 years we have remained steadfast in this belief and are proud that our legacy is built on the reputation of our product.

Nolechek’s recipes are exactly the same as the one's we've been making three generations ago, creating meats in the same time-honored tradition with the highest standards. People love variety and that’s what brings them back to Nolechek's––the opportunity to try something different each time, which has become our selling-point with over 200 unique products.


We hope that you've enjoyed this brief trip down memory lane. Now go enjoy some of that quality-perfected meat we've been talkin' about by clicking on this link: https://bit.ly/2pGpp8x


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