5 Things We're Grateful For!

5 Things We're Grateful For!

We're grateful for a lot of things: our team, our farmers, our country, our legacy, and YOU! Nothing at Nolechek's would be possible without these 5 crucial elements, and we're super thankful every day to get to do what we love to do. 
1. Our Team

We are thankful for the individuals who show up every day and work to make sure our product reaches as many people as possible. The hard work and dedication of our team of eight is second to none. From educating customers about our wide variety of product, to going above and beyond with every facet of their job, to understanding food safety and its utmost importance to what we do. Everyone at Nolechek’s is the best of the best and are considered family. Our product’s quality is second to none because our team is second to none.

2. Farmers

We are thankful for the farmers across this country who raise the animals that become the food on our tables. And to the farmers who grow the crops that feed not only the public, but the animals, we are thankful as well. Without them we wouldn’t be able to provide our customers with the best ham, bacon, and sausage products. Heck, none of us would be able to even exist without food. Each farmer whether big or small, conventional or organic, near or far, has one goal in mind. To produce the healthiest, highest quality product that is safe using technology that has been proven safe and effective. Feeding 330 million people in this country alone is a huge responsibility and we are forever grateful for the individuals to make this their life’s work day in and day out.

 3. Country

We live in a country that affords us the opportunity to go after our dreams to make them a reality and we don’t take that for granted. We are thankful that we can pursue our goals, travel to promote our business, share ideas, engage with those around us and grow our business because we work hard and dedicate ourselves to a cause.

4. Customers

Nolechek’s has customers that have been enjoying our product for generations. Four generations to be exact. We are thankful for the people that shop with us locally, for those that stop on their way through to family events or football games and for those that we ship to across the country. All our customers are appreciated and make a difference. The relationships that have been developed over the years are valued and special because they revolve around food and the memories that are associated with gathering with family and friends to celebrate moments big and small.

5. Legacy

Doc Nolechek never intended to make sausage when he purchased the Thorp Locker Plant and Soda Fountain. His son returned to the area after college to work on turning the business around so they could sell it. That all changed in 1952 when Bill, Sr. began acquiring and developing recipes for making sausage. Four generations later, we continue to grow, change, and adapt with one thing staying the same. The willingness to work hard and dedicate our careers to producing the best product possible. We are proud to carry on this legacy and chose to show up each day ready to get the job done. We are forever thankful for this opportunity.

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