5 Potato & Bratwurst Dishes by Nolechek's

5 Potato & Bratwurst Dishes by Nolechek's

Potatoes and Nolechek's bratwurst are the perfect duo for a delicious lunch or hearty dinner. Check out these 5 potato and bratwurst dishes that we've prepared for you!

1. Nolechek's Bratwurst Potato Boats

If you love baked potato, then these potato boats are the perfect meal for you. Simply bake up some Russets, slice em' open, slap one of our Brats on top, then slather with cheese, bake it all together, and your all good to go!

2. Baked Wedge Potatoes & Nolechek's Bratwurst

This recipe makes for a great dinner. If you have any leftover potato wedges, or if you're craving some meat and potatoes, it doesn't get more classic than this baked dish. 

3. German Style Nolechek's Bratwurst Skillet Dish

Our German friends know how to live! This dish combines cabbage, potato and bratwurst all in one dish. At your favorite sauce or spices to the mix to really transform it into a showstopper. 

4. Baked Nolechek's Brats With Cabbage and Assorted Potatoes

Who knew a potato dish could look so colorful? To make this flavorful meal, gather an assortment of different potatoes (each coming with their own distinct flavor), gather some green cabbage, and our brats of course, and broil them in the one. Then, you'll get that nice char-broiled cabbage, crispy yet soft potatoes, and perfect meat. 

5. Nolechek's Bratwurst With Potato Cake

Move over chocolate cake, hello potato cake! Nothing pairs better with a perfectly grilled Nolechek's bratwurst then a well-seasoned, soft, and buttery potato cake. You can't go wrong!

We hope that you enjoyed today's post on 5 potato and bratwurst dishes by Nolechek's. Try one, try them all, but most importantly, don't forget to stop by our online store to order yours. 

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