5 Post-Thanksgiving Leftover Meals Ideas by Nolechek's

5 Post-Thanksgiving Leftover Meals Ideas by Nolechek's

It's the day after Thanksgiving and you've got plenty of leftovers... so what do you do? Well, you try out one of our 5 Thanksgiving leftover meals ideas of course!

1. Turkey Sandwich with Raspberry Chipotle Bacon

First up, we've got our classic leftover turkey sandwich (because you can never have enough turkey!) with our famous Raspberry Chipotle Bacon on top. Nothing better than a BLT in the afternoon, especially when the B comes from Nolechek's ;)

2. Turkey Enchiladas 

Sick of eating turkey plain already? Why not try turning it into an enchilada dish! Enchilada's don't always have to be meat-based. In fact, turkey is a perfect protein substitute. Try it out and see for yourself. 

3. Shepard's Pie

Next up, we've got a classic Shepard's Pie with turkey. Add some cheese to this bad boy and you're in for a real treat. 

4. Leftover Stuffing Hash

Everybody loves stuffing, but it's even better with some breakfast fast and a perfect runny egg on top! This is truly a breakfast for the kings. Bonus points for adding our bacon on top––it'll make it oh so much more delicious. 

5. Cranberry Drizzled French Toast

Last but not least, for our sweet tooth lovers reading this, why not make use of that leftover cranberry sauce and elevate your French toast? Cranberries make the perfect complement to a sweet breakfast, and it's even better with some of our bacon candied on top. 

We hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, friends, and loved ones. Enjoy the recipe ideas! 

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