5 Must Try Bacon & Noodle Dishes by Nolechek's

5 Must Try Bacon & Noodle Dishes by Nolechek's

If you love noodles and bacon, then you'll love these dishes we've got lined up for you! Check out these 5 must try bacon and noodle dishes by Nolechek's!

1. Nolechek's Bacon and Parmesan Penne Pasta

First up, we've got your classic penne pasta with bacon bits drizzled on top. Adding some mozzarella to the equation is the perfect way to finish this dish. Try it for yourself!

2. Nolechek's Bacon and Egg Noodles

The perfect sunny side up egg is an excellent addition to any noodle and bacon dish. The way that the creamy yolk mixes with the smooth pasta gives this dish a nice contrast with the contrast of the crunchy bacon. 

3. Nolechek's Bacon Carbonera Pasta

Pasta Carbonara is as Italian as you can get - but add our bacon, and you get a whole different dimension of flavor. 

4. Nolechek's Bacon Halušky

Ever heard of HaluškyHalušky are a traditional variety of thick, soft noodles or dumplings found in many Central and Eastern European cuisines. Often, they are served with fried cabbage and some form of meat, such as sausage or bacon. 

5. Nolechek's Bacon Breakfast Ramen Noodles

Last but not least, this Asian Fusion flair is the perfect thing to wake up to in the morning. If you're into savory food for breakfast, and want some quick protein and carbs, then our bacon mixed with Ramen (served with eggs any way you like them), is the perfect match. 

Thanks for tuning into today's blog on 5 must try bacon and noodle dishes. Get your fix of bacon today at www.nolecheksmeats.com! 

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