5 Must-Eat Bacon Sandwiches by Nolechek's

5 Must-Eat Bacon Sandwiches by Nolechek's

Take your sandwich game to a whole new level with Nolechek's bacon! From BLTs to crazy bacon-infused grilled cheese sammies, we'll give you our top 5 bacon inspired sandwiches in today's post! 

1. Bacon Mac & Cheese Sandwich

Mac & Cheese AND Nolechek's bacon AND grilled buttery bread? Who could refuse such a tasty combo? All you gotta do to whip this baby up is cook up some Mac & Cheese the way you like it, pick your favorite bread (Italian, of course), and then a couple of delicious pork strips to the mix. 

2. Classic BLT Sandwich

Ahh the classic BLT! The perfect lunch and crowd pleaser, BLTs are made best with... you guessed it... Nolechek's bacon! Try it for yourself and see. 

3. Bacon Jam Sandwich

For those of you who want to take your grilled cheese to a fancier place, adding some bacon jam to your bread and cheddar is exactly what you've been looking for. 

4. Bacon and Brie Sandwich

Do you consider yourself a person with a more sophisticated palate? Then Nolechek's bacon and brie on a toasty baguette is sure to satisfy your tastebuds. 

5. Peanut Butter Apple Bacon Sandwich

Apples dipped in ooey-gooey peanut butter are a classic treat that we've all enjoyed before. Smack those childhood delights with some of our bacon strips in a grilled sandwich, and its off to flavor heaven!

That's all for today! Try one (or all) of these amazing sandwich recipes, and let us know what you think. Happy grillin' :)


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