5 Favorite Steaks From Around the World By Nolechek's

5 Favorite Steaks From Around the World By Nolechek's


Have you ever thought to yourself: what kind of steak is popular around the world? Well, we're here to answer that question. Here are our 5 favorite steaks from around the world. 

1. Kobe Beef Steak

First up, we have the oh-so delicious Kobe Beef! According to Live Japan, "Genuine Kobe beef comes from the black Tajima breed of Wagyu cattle in Hyogo Prefecture and raised according to the strict protocol set by the Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association. Like other wagyu, this variety is well-marbled and is also prized for its flavor and tender texture."

2. Hungarian Steak

Tasty and spicy roast pork meat, gypsy style pork steak is ideal for a rustic lunch, when you want something original and authentic Hungarian taste. If you love the spicy flavour just serve with chili cream on top of pork slices!

3. French Steak au poivre 

Steak au poivre translates to "pepper steak" and it is a French dish that consists filet mignon, coated with coarsely cracked peppercorns and then cooked.

4. German Schweizer Steak

This is a popular German-Turkish-Hungarian fusion steak dish that is very popular in Germany. Rather than being barbecued, this stake is braised in a delicious sauce, giving it a unique flavor profile.

5. Argentine Steak

Argentina has a solid reputation as the steak capital of South America, equipped with its own army of "Asaderos" or people who make "asado" (meat roasts). According to Trafalgar, "Argentinian steaks are cut differently, which all leads to a better flavour. The cuts are based on the texture of different parts of the cow. Rather than having a steak with more than one texture, such as an American T-bone, your Argentinian steak has one consistent texture all the way through."

We hope that you enjoyed this week's blog! Try one steak, or try them all, but don't forget to order your meats here


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