5 Fancy Fries You MUST Try With Our Brats By Nolechek's

5 Fancy Fries You MUST Try With Our Brats By Nolechek's

French fries and brats––could there be a more quintessential image for a summer BBQ? Actually, there could be! Especially if that meaty goodness is a Nolechek's sausage or bratwurst. In today's blog, we'll let you in on 5 fancy fries that you must try with Nolechek's bratwursts! Let's get right to it. 

1. Sweet Potato Fries

The first fancy fry that we recommend you try (hey that rhymed!) is the sweet potato French fry. The sweet taste of this fry pairs nicely with our jalapeño bratwursts, as well as saltier options like our Cheddarwurst. 

2. Parmasean & Garlic Fries

Paramesan and garlic fries are not only easy to prepare, but simply delicious. We recommend trying these fries with our specialty and smoked bratwurst to bring out that delicious Nolechek's flavor.  

3. Ruffled Fries

Ruffled fries are an American staple––but nonetheless, nobody can argue how fancy those ruffles make that potato! These fries are an excellent addition to any bratwurst you choose. 

4. Beet Fries

Perhaps the wildest fancy French fry on this list is the beet French fry! Beets make for some delicious French fries, and they instantly elevate the tasted of any bratwurst that you choose to eat them with! (Plus, we'll finally get your kids to start loving beetroot). 

5. Spicy Chili French Fries 

And last but not least, for those of you who love a little bit of a spice kick, spicy chili French fries are the way to go. We strongly recommend trying out these fries alongside our specialty bratwursts!

We hope that you've enjoyed this post on 5 fancy fries that you must try with our Nolechek's brats! Let us know your favorite combination on our Facebook page. Happy grilling!

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