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5 Different Bacon Hot Dish Recipes That You Need

It's that time of year again–family, holidays, and a hefty winter ahead! Hot dish with Nolechek's bacon is just the recipe that you need to beat the cold and put a smile on everyone's face over the festive dinner table. That's why we'll be sharing our 5 top bacon hot dish recipes with you today! Let's dive in. 


1. Bacon Tater Tot Hot Dish

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This one's a classic! Got some tater tots leftover in the fridge? Then throw em' together with some delicious cheese and add some slabs of our oh-so-tasty bacon, and you've got a winner. Order your bacon now at:

2. Squash, Apple, and Bacon Hot Dish

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Hot dish doesn't always have to be unhealthy (ha!) This delicious rendition of hot dish is made with butternut squash, apple, and, of course, bacon! We promise that you'll love every bit of this tasty meal. Order your bacon now at:

3. Creamy Bacon and Corn Hot Dish

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Nothing says comfort food in the dead of winter then some creamy corn with gooey cheese sprinkled with our finest bacon bits. Now that's what we call a good hot dish! Order your bacon now at:

4. Bacon Chicken Alfredo Hot Dish

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If you love chicken alfredo, then you'll absolutely love adding a little bit of oomph to it with some bacon and cheese! This hot dish really does have it all. Order your bacon now at:

5. Brownie, Bacon, and Bourbon Dessert Hot Dish

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And last but not least, hot dish can also be sweet! If you love a little bit of sugar here and there, just mix together some bourbon, our bacon, and whatever chocolate you love most to make this fantastic treat. Order your bacon now at:


Whether you stick to the classics, try our recipe suggestions, or invent your own meal, hot dish is always a great idea–especially when it involves our bacon! Enjoy :)