5 Delicious Condiments That You Need For A Nolechek's Cookout!

5 Delicious Condiments That You Need For A Nolechek's Cookout!

There's no doubt about it––Nolechek's brats are the best in town, and to compete with our bacon, well, forget about it! But the one thing that really brings out the flavor of our meats isn't just good seasoning––it's condiments too! In today's blog, we'll go over 5 delicious condiments that you need right now to make your next Nolechek's cookout (and every cookout thereafter) shine. Let's get to it. 

1. Ketchup

Ketchup is a classic, timeless condiment that everybody loves. Whether you're a small child or pushing 80, everybody loves ketchup and everybody can agree that it is one of the best condiments for a Nolechek's cookout. 

2. Mustard

There are always people who prefer mustard over ketchup, and if this is you, you know exactly why––because what other condiment would go better on one of our gourmet brats? Mustard, of course!

3. Relish

Relish––you either love it or hate it, but when you get to love it, this condiment brings out unique sausage flavors and really elevates that taste profile. Try it for yourself!

4. Aioli 

For the fancy ones in the room, aioli is a simple yet very gourmet condiment that can transform your Nolechek's cookout experience. It's not mayo, but it's not ranch––it's its own species of absolute yum. 

5. Ranch

And last but not least, we have ranch dressing! Ranch is the universal condiment––put it on salad, put it on pizza, bratwursts, burgers, fries, you name it, ranch makes things 1000% times better. We highly recommend it for your next Nolechek's cookout!

Whether you go for the classic ketchup and mustard combo, or move on over to fancy town with some aioli action, we guarantee that these 5 delicious condiments will win over your heart whenever you have your next Nolechek's cookout. Happy grilling! 

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