5 Bacon Snacks Your Kids Will Love By Nolechek's

5 Bacon Snacks Your Kids Will Love By Nolechek's

Everybody loves snacks, but do you know who loves em' most of all? Kids, of course! Check out these 5 bacon munchies that your little ones are guaranteed to love. 

1. Nolechek's Bacon Wrapped Ritz Crackers

What can beat a classic Ritz cracker? Oh wait, something CAN beat it. Your kids will absolutely loved a bacon wrapped Ritz cracker snack. Add cheddar cheese to make it THAT much better. We dare you! 

2. Nolechek's Bacon Wrapped Cheese Sticks

Mozzarella sticks, what kid doesn't love em'? Well, you can make them even better with a blanket of our famous Nolechek's Bacon! 

3. Nolechek's Bacon Wrapped Dates

Sweet, salty, and... semi-healthy! That's what makes this snack a winner for your kids. Dates are a great source of a fiber and are high in antioxidants. And, you guessed it, they are even tastier when our bacon is involved. 

4. Nolechek's Bacon, Macaroni and Egg cups 

Got a cupcake pan? Then you can easily whip these babies up for a snack. All lit takes is some leftover macaroni, a sprinkling of cheese, and of course, the most important ingredient of them all – our bacon ;) 

5. Nolechek's Bacon Wrapped Mac n' Cheese 

Last but not least, Mac n' Cheese and bacon is one of the best combos out there. But don't take our word for it - your kids will tell you instead!

We hope that you enjoyed today's post on 5 Bacon Snacks Your Kids Will Love! Try one, try them all, but most importantly, don't forget to stock up on your bacon for the week at www.nolecheksmeats.com 

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