5 Bacon Breakfast Sandwich Ideas by Nolechek's

5 Bacon Breakfast Sandwich Ideas by Nolechek's

What's better than waking up to the smell of bacon in the morning?... a bacon breakfast sammie! In today's blog, we'll be giving away our 5 favorite bacon breakfast sandwich recipes just for you.

1. Classic Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich 

Here's a classic sandwich for ya! Slap some of Nolechek's bacon on top of a perfectly fried sunny-side-up egg, add cheese if you so desire, and you're good to go! 

2. Bacon and Egg on Bagel Breakfast Sandwich 

Feeling a little New York-ish today? Then switch out your buns for some Everything Bagels, and retain all of that delicious Nolechek's bacon flavor. 

3. Tomato, Mushroom, and Bacon Breakfast Sandwich 

If you love roasted veggies as much as we do, then you will love this breakfast sandwich idea. Roast some tomatoes, mushrooms, slather with gouda and Nolechek's bacon, and you've got a masterpiece! 

4. Caprese Breakfast Sandwich 

Experience La Dolce Vita the Italian way by biting into a fantastic bacon caprese breakfast sandwich. Perfect for pesto, balsamic, and mozzarella lovers. Mama Mia!

5. Biscuit Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

And last but to least, the good ol' American breakfast biscuit sandwich. Toasty and fresh from the oven, nothing beats soft biscuits and Nolechek's bacon all in one go!


And there you have it! 5 gob-smacking breakfast sandwich ideas that you can go ahead and try any day of the week. Happy cooking!

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