5 Bacon and Cheese Combos You MUST Try By Nolechek's

5 Bacon and Cheese Combos You MUST Try By Nolechek's


Name a better combination than bacon slathered in cheese, or cheese gushing with fried bacon goodness? We didn't think you could... and since it's impossible to get away from these delicious treats, we've decided to give you our top 5 bacon and cheese combos that'll make your mouth gape in awe. Let's begin!

1. Pepperjack and Nolechek's Bacon

Pepperjack cheese has that nice spicy flare to it, but doesn't loose its creamy nature, whether it's melted or solid. The unique taste of this cheese makes it a no brainer combination with our bacon. 

2. Gouda and Nolechek's Bacon


Gouda has a very characteristic flavor. Because it is both sweet and sharp, it makes a great partnering flavor to our bacon. Another great thing about Gouda is that it is a dense cheese, so it's easy to slice it up and serve it as is with our bacon on a party platter. 

3. Brie and Nolechek's Bacon

Brie is known to be eaten in its melted form, and you can never argue with dipping our fine pork strips into a bath of cheesy goodness. Brie is more of a cheese taste for the refined pallet, so it might not be the best for small children. But who knows... maybe they will grow up to be great cheese connoisseurs! 

4. Cheddar and Nolechek's Bacon

You can't go wrong with a classic cheddar and bacon combination. Cheddar can be sharp or mild, it can be served as a melted dip or sliced up, and more. Bottom line: cheddar is a very versatile cheese, so no matter what you plan on doing with it, it'll always taste great with our bacon. 

5. Swiss and Nolechek's Bacon


And last but not least, we have Swiss cheese! Swiss cheese has a more gentle and mild taste that tends to be on the sweeter end of things. This cheese would go excellent with a candied version of our bacon. 

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