4 Ways to Up your Bratwurst Plating Game

4 Ways to Up your Bratwurst Plating Game

Bratwurst plating is one of the key features of making your dish extra fancy, and extra tasty. We want you to wow your family and friends with your plating techniques, and today, we'll show you 5 different ways to do just that!

1. Top your brat off with some peppers

Who doesn't like some good ol' grilled peppers on top of a brat? It really adds to the flavor profile and makes it that much more delicious. 

2. Onions make a great add-on as well

Just look at these gorgeous brats! Onions go a long way when it comes to elevating the plating style of brats. The colors are perfect, and so is the taste. 

3. Pickled cabbage for the win!

Pickled cabbage fans, this one's for you. Nothing quite beats that dark pink and purple, and it looks just as good as it tastes. 

4. Up your plating with some spicy corn salsa

If you want a beautiful bratwurst plate, and one with a spicy kick, then this one is perfect for you. Spicy corn salsa never disappoints!

We hope you enjoyed this post on 4 ways to up your bratwurst plating game! Be sure to stock up on your brats for the week, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram if you aren't already. 

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