4 Meat Burritos You Must Try By Nolechek’s

4 Meat Burritos You Must Try By Nolechek’s

Burritos aren't all beans and cheese. In fact, meat can be a central component that truly elevates the overall flavor. Check out these 5 meat burritos you MUST try by Nolechek's! 

1. Carne Asado Burrito


Carne Asada burritos are easy, filling and delicious. Carne asada is a dish of grilled and sliced beef, usually skirt steak, sirloin steak, tenderloin steak, or rib steak.

2. Pulled Pork Burrito

Pulled pork sandwiches are great – but have you heard of pulled pork burritos before? Mix BBQ sauce with some cheese and lime with that pulled pork, and you've got yourself the perfect burrito!

3. Korean BBQ Burrito

Korean BBQ is one of the most popular ways to eat meat these days. All you need is spicy beef, kimchi, rice, cilantro, and sriracha mayo and wrap it in a soft flour tortilla.

4. Spicy Beef Burrito 

Last but not least, it turns out that spicy beef goes perfectly inside of a crispy fried burrito! Green chilies, salsa and jalapeño peppers mixed with meat –– what more could you need?

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