4 Bacon Ice Cream Desserts You Need By Nolechek's

4 Bacon Ice Cream Desserts You Need By Nolechek's

Bacon is good on its own, but if you're a sweet tooth, then these 4 bacon ice cream desserts are just what you need!

1. Bacon Sundaes

This is a classic culmination of sweet and salty coming together. You've got your vanilla bean ice cream topped with some crispy bacon! Make that bacon maple-glazed for an even better sundae treat. 

2. Brown Butter Bacon Ice Cream

It doesn't get much better than adding brown butter ice cream and bacon together. Sandwich together this creamy dessert with your favorite cookies, and you're guaranteed a sweet and savory treat!

3. Mocha Bacon Ice Cream Cake

Say what? Coffee, bacon and ice cream ... all in one cake! Now that's the kind of sweet and savory dessert we're talking about. Ice cream layers sandwiched between coffee cake batter, and drizzled in bacon - now who wouldn't want that. 

4. Maple Bacon Waffle Ice Cream Cake

Maple bacon and waffles is a sweet and savory combo that most of us know quite well, but at ice cream into the mix, and you've got a whole new level of flavor! Perfect for breakfast lovers that want a little more sweetness in their life, as well as (of course), our bacon. 

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