3 Salami & Wine Pairings You Must Try By Nolechek's

3 Salami & Wine Pairings You Must Try By Nolechek's

Salami and wine, what a fine pair! Both fancy yet simple, oh, who even cares? The taste of course, and our delicious flavor! We promise this blog will fall into your favor. Now that we've rhymed enough... let's get right to the meat (ha!)

1. Italian Salami and Pino Noir

For our first delicious pairing, we have good ol' Italian Salami and Pinot Noir. Nothing beats the classic salami and red wine duo. Let us know your preference on our Facebook page!

2. Prosciutto and Cabernet 

Next up, we have Prosciutto and Cabernet! "Prosciutto is a fatty cut of meat that, when sliced thinly, has a sweet meaty flavor with a pleasant edge of saltiness, and a buttery texture that melts in the mouth." Enjoy this meat slice with Cabernet, and we promise you will love every sip and bite. 

3. Pancetta and White Wine

Last but definitely not least, we have Pancetta and White Wine. Pancetta is a salumi made of pork belly meat that is salt cured. Pancetta in Italy is typically cooked to add depth to soups and pastas. It's also amazing with white wine, and that's why we recommend it!

We hope that you enjoyed today's blog on 3 Salami & Wine Pairings You Must Try By Nolechek's. Try one, try them all, but most importantly, don't forget to order your fix today!

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